Managing Healthcare Schedules in the Digital Era: A Common Misconception

If you make the schedule at your workplace, you have a tough, but essential, job. Undoubtedly, there have been countless days, evenings and nights spent making a schedule ready for distribution to your team. What’s more, your current process may be routine for you, meaning you have had years to understand the ebbs and flows of requests and the difficulties of scheduling people for multiple roles and multiple locations. Your expertise, in a sense, has made you invaluable to the successful operations of your organization.

Today, automated scheduling is becoming a mainstay at healthcare practices around the world. You might seem skeptical about this new software because it might not know the organization the way you do, or that it might replace you in some way. In fact, the opposite is true. As the leader of scheduling at your organization, you would be more integral to scheduling than you ever were before an automated scheduling software would come into the mix. For you, the biggest difference you would experience is the decrease in headache once the software is up and running. With automated scheduling software, here are some notable changes to your role:

  • The application does the “grunt work” of building the schedule
  • You role focuses on managing the application’s creation of the schedule
  • After the schedule is built, you can make nuanced edits if required
  • Rather than managing vacation requests, you simply have to approve or reject them

This is only a high level explanation of your role with an automated scheduling application. From the start, your expertise becomes essential to the application’s success. You would be required to work with the application’s deployment team to ensure your organizations roles and scheduling rules are integrated into the application. Also, you would be seen as the application’s super user, and would be the most knowledgeable person in the organization about the application’s functions for both administrators and staff.

Technology can often seem like it eliminates positions that previously stood the test of time. Automated scheduling simply updates your role within your organization. From our experience, your role becomes even more valuable – just with a few less headaches and late nights spent scheduling!

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