We’re Here For You


How we are helping our customers

The Bio-Optronics team understands the challenges our clients are facing related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are rallying to ensure our customer communications are frequent and our team is standing by to help solve problems our users face. Recently, we have:

  • Set up regular corporate communications online and within our apps
  • Accelerated proactive outreach to CCTrialSuite and Momentum users via our apps and email to offer assistance
  • Supported more than 71 VA facilities around the US as they leverage Biopoint PI almost 400 units actively treating COVID-19 patients
  • Aided more than 200 CCTrialSuite users nationwide in setting up more than 160 COVID-19 clinical trials within Bio-Optronics applications
  • Offered selective flexibility for customers that experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis
  • Announced an opportunity to CTMS customers not yet signed up to use CCText for two-way patient-site text messaging, facilitating communication during staff and patient confinement
  • Helped more than 40 Momentum clients worldwide create COVID-specific schedule changes to maintain staff coverage, establish efficient team communication and ensure overtime tracking


How we are helping the healthcare community

We know that healthcare is facing many unique challenges related to COVID-19, both in the US and abroad. To help these organizations and their personnel we have:

  • Offered healthcare organizations the opportunity to leverage Momentum to manage the scheduling and communication for their staff, administrators and volunteers during a surge of staff assignment changes and absences
  • Offered CTMS to investigators running COVID-19 clinical trials
  • Compiled relevant COVID-19 resources and best practices on the Bio-Optronics blog
  • Established a SWAT Technology team to aid state governments, municipalities and other healthcare organizations manage the influx of essential healthcare workers and volunteers by providing access to Bio-Optronics applications
  • Displayed company offers on covidcollaborators.org to help businesses find ways to accelerate treatments and vaccines in the global fight against COVID-19


How we have prepared to handle COVID as a company

Our ability to help our customers depends on our own business continuity. Bio-Optronics has quickly enacted measures to continue operating as normally as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. As with all businesses, we are continuing to evaluate the situation each week to determine next steps for our business. So far, we have:

  • Moved 100% of our personnel to remote work
  • Put in place enhanced back-up plans for critical operations and personnel
  • Restricted all business travel
  • Held weekly, remote “town hall’ meetings
  • Created a volunteer task force to assist employees with anything they need should they become ill (groceries, dog walks, errands and more)
  • Established an events team to keep employees socially connected while working remotely
  • Took preemptive measures to reduce all non-essential costs

We are doing our best to maintain a healthy business and a productive work environment in order to keep our people employed, healthy and encouraged.

We all share in the drastic and unexpected changes that communities around the world are currently facing, and we will continue doing all we can to support our customers and other organizations in need of assistance. Together, we will get through these trying times.