Controlling Clinical Complexities: Managing Clinical Trials Like a Project

Clinical trials are becoming increasingly complex, making it more difficult than ever to ensure an on-time completion. When starting a study, it’s important to think of the study like a project, and to create a straightforward plan for how your organization is to approach the study. Here’s a few tricks we’ve seen that have worked for research organizations:

Create a Clinical Trial Roadmap

Before starting anything related to a particular study, you should work with your team to lay out a study roadmap.  A roadmap is a clear set of deliverables and dates established at points throughout the duration of the trial. Your roadmap should include weekly deliverables as well as major study milestones throughout the trial. For each deliverable, don’t forget to lay out what they entail, better ensuring your team will complete them correctly.

Empower Your People

Successful study completion requires commitment from everyone on your team. If you are managing the trial, you have the duty to assign tasks to your team members along with the necessary materials and a clear, fair deadline. To help ensure a timely and quality completion of each task, work with each individual to ensure they “own” their assigned tasks and have a sense of responsibility for their completion.

Constantly Communicate

Along with empowerment, you also have the dusty to make sure there are always open lines of communication available between everyone on the study team. This means holding regular meetings to provide updates on various deliverables and milestones. These meetings also serve as a forum to discuss issues, make decisions and assign more actions.

Utilize CTMS for Tracking

Many research organizations who have taken a “project management” approach to their studies have also utilized a CTMS. CTMS applications can give you the tools to enforce essential deadlines that your whole team can observe and work towards. A CTMS can also provide reports and metrics that identify areas within your study that are falling behind. This information can help guide you to a decision that will get the study back on track. A CTMS also helps maintain accountability amongst your team and can identify any personnel who may need assistance.

See Our CTMS In Action

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