Momentum Physician Scheduling System – Growth Surges in Europe

Rochester, NY – August 20, 2013 – Bio-Optronics is proud to announce that the Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler has seen impressive growth this past year, with a record-breaking European growth rate of 300%. The Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler is a highly configurable, automated, rule-based scheduling software that creates physician and staff schedules that meet the unique scheduling needs of any hospital department, imaging center or specialty practice. Momentum includes tools for staff scheduling requests, mobile device access, calendar integration and manual schedule changes with rule validation. Using these tools, Momentum can highlight potential scheduling conflicts and automatically alert appropriate individuals via email or text message. For both scheduling managers and users alike, Momentum is a powerful tool for staying up-to-date with schedule changes.

Momentum’s excellent performance in Europe is enhanced by its partnership and integration with Global Imaging On Line’s (GIOL) GXD5Radiology Information System (RIS). GIOL is a French company that provides secure and innovative solutions for imaging organizations to better share and store medical images, as well as providing services that optimize patient scheduling. GIOL’s GXDRIS integrates medical imaging and other associated data from multiple locations. Integration with Momentum enables radiology departments and imaging centers to have an automated and up-to-date view of physician and staff availability when scheduling appointments.

This partnership greatly enhances the efficiency of imaging organizations and drastically reduces the amount of time required for scheduling. The integration between Momentum and GIOL’s GXD5 RIS allows for unparalleled control and oversight. Scheduling managers no longer need to complete duplicate work; schedules can be built and manipulated in Momentum and then automatically synced with the GXDRIS. This ensures all schedules are up-to-date and eliminates the potential risk of errors when creating appointments. This is a dramatic improvement when compared to the manual changes and extra work of the past. Moreover, changes can be automatically synced to mobile devices, further eliminating confusion and wasted time, and staff can access their schedule at any time worldwide.

Anthony Bagot, the head scheduler at Infomed, an imaging clinic group based in France, has been using Momentum with GXD5 RIS. He stated that, “When I used to enter schedules manually, I would frequently make errors when entering the roles and staff, which would cause confusion when entering appointments. Now, I can enter appointments and create schedules using fewer steps. The updates can even be seen from my mobile phone.”

Even with such an effective partnership, there are still plans to enhance features and create more opportunities to optimize the industry. One major addition on the horizon is a time clock; a time management feature in high demand in Europe which will help track employee productivity by allowing users to “clock-in” when they get to work. Moreover, the next release includes additional scheduling features to further enhance functionality and efficiency. Integrating Momentum with GXD5 RIS avoids the need to enter the data twice in two different systems and it limits the risk of errors with its intuitive interface. This success paves the way for integration with other RIS systems worldwide.

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