Clinical Conductor Site CTMS Releases Third Major Update of the Year

ROCHESTER, NY – October 8th – The Clinical Conductor Site CTMS development team has just released the third major update of the year. Driven by customer input and a deep understanding of market needs, Clinical Conductor Site has developed a multitude of new features, while enhancing many existing tools. This way, Clinical Conductor Site can continue to empower its users to raise the bar in clinical research and remain the only CTMS capable of meeting any challenge.

The Clinical Conductor Site CTMS software development and customer support teams have been hard at work designing and developing an array of features that are designed to simplify the way research sites manage the studies that they are conducting. Just to name a few of the enhancements coming to the application, significant changes have been made to the study visit tracking and patient scheduling portions of the application. Modifications have also been made to the user interface and customization of pages within the application.

One of the major enhancements coming to Clinical Conductor Site is a complete redesign of the patient scheduling functionality in the application. The multiple easy-to-use scheduling methods give research sites the ability to schedule based on their specific needs. These updated tools ensure that patients are never scheduled outside of their visit windows and that patient visits are never missed.

Additional enhancements include modifications to the user interface and layout of commonly used pages to further streamline operations and reduce the number of clicks needed to perform certain activities, saving time and improving intuitiveness. The already high levels of customization found in Clinical Conductor Site have been taken to another level through the addition of configurable management dashboards, which allow for the centralization of key information that each user wants to see, and the addition of completely customizable pages to track patient information, study information and study visits.

“Further solidifying the leadership of Clinical Conductor Site CTMS, the newest release takes our dedication to exceeding expectations to a level never before seen,” explains Dan Kerpelman, CEO of Bio-Optronics. “Leveraging the newest technologies, we are able to provide users with a beautiful, intuitive application, while maintaining the expansive feature set that puts Clinical Conductor ahead of any other CTMS.”

As Clinical Conductor Site CTMS continues to evolve, users will regularly be consulted to ensure that Clinical Conductor Site continues to exceed expectations. Designed to bring unparalleled benefit to research sites, Clinical Conductor Site is the ultimate tool for streamlining operations and making complex challenges a thing of the past. When coupled with the unmatched level of support provided to users, Clinical Conductor helps to make an already leading product an even greater asset for research sites of all sizes. With Clinical Conductor Site CTMS research sites can improve their business and clinical operations and achieve their true potential.

About Clinical Conductor CTMS:

Clinical Conductor Site CTMS is the site-specific trial management solution from leading healthcare software and service provider Bio-Optronics. As a market leader with over 28 years of industry experience working with over 1,800 clinical and healthcare organizations, Bio-Optronics produces a variety of products aimed at meeting the specific needs of each organization: Clinical Conductor Enterprise, a leading-edge, CTMS for organizations managing multiple trials across multiple locations; Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler,  the configurable, rule-based scheduling software; and Biopoint, a patient identification system designed to ensure the proper identification of patients and synchronization of treatment at hospitals and long-term care facilities. Bio-Optronics and its products are recognized for consistent, unparalleled service and support that continuously ensures our products are constantly exceeding client and market needs.

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