Clinical Conductor CTMS, Momentum Physician Scheduler Launch First-of-its-Kind Blog

Rochester, NY – December 3, 2013 – Bio-Optronics, the maker of Clinical Conductor CTMS and Momentum Physician Scheduler, is excited to announce the launch of its brand new blog. Focusing on clinical trial management, workforce optimization and other healthcare topics, the new blog will present readers with a unique and insightful view into the world of healthcare technologies.

The “Clinical Research and Scheduling Blog” was created as a way to share the vast amount of knowledge and insight that Bio-Optronics and its staff have amassed from almost 30 years of healthcare industry experience. In the healthcare industry, the sharing of knowledge and experience allows all parties to benefit, helping the industry flourish. As a market leader in clinical trial management technology, Bio-Optronics has direct relationships and with over 1,600 research organizations worldwide. Bio-Optronics takes pride in the close relationships it has with its users, many of whom have been involved in the development of the company’s applications by contributing suggestions and feedback on product performance.

“Staying up-to-date should be an exciting and engaging process that sparks a genuine interest in what is being discussed. We believe that with the launch of our new blog, we will engage healthcare professionals in an entirely new way,” states Chartfield Bliss, Director of Marketing at Bio-Optronics. “We welcome any and all who are looking to learn more about clinical trial management, physician scheduling and other interesting healthcare topics to visit our blog regularly.”

The launch of the “Clinical Research and Scheduling Blog” will provide the research and healthcare communities with unparalleled insight into the world of clinical trial management and healthcare scheduling. This objective information is meant to educate readers by giving them a unique perspective on the important topics confronting healthcare and research professionals.

To visit the blog, click here.

About Bio-Optronics

Bio-Optronics, Inc. is a leading healthcare software and service provider with over 28 years of industry experience working with over 1,800 industry organizations and producing a variety of products aimed at meeting the specific needs of healthcare organizations. Clinical Conductor Site CTMS, the market leading, site-specific trial management solution; Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS, is a leading-edge CTMS for organizations managing clinical trials at multiple sites; Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler, the highly configurable, rule-based scheduling software that creates custom schedules for any hospital department, imaging center or specialty practice; Biopoint, the patient identification system that utilizes barcodes and patient information to ensure the proper synchronization of patients and treatment for hospitals and long-term care facilities. Bio-Optronics and its products are recognized for consistent, unparalleled service and having dedicated teams that continually ensure its products are constantly meeting and exceeding client and market needs.

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