Clinical Conductor CTMS Collaborates with SCRS to Benchmark Research Site Metrics

Rochester, NY – October 3, 2013 – Clinical Conductor CTMS’s parent company, Bio-Optronics, Inc., and the Society of Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) have collaborated to expand and advance the knowledge of clinical trial site management challenges and opportunities. Through this relationship, Clinical Conductor CTMS and the SCRS have identified critical metrics with the aim of establishing industry benchmarks for clinical research sites.

“SCRS is committed to supporting the success of the global clinical site community. Reliable data and metrics provide sites and industry stakeholders with information that will help shape the site landscape,” says Christine Pierre, President of SCRS. “The collaboration with Clinical Conductor CTMS during these early stages has been instrumental in helping us achieve this goal. Their willingness to collaborate with SCRS and to build SCRS’ Site Metrics Platform to allow all sites to contribute their data moving forward is a testimonial to the collaborative efforts SCRS values.”

Clinical Conductor CTMS has provided the SCRS with de-identified, non-patient information from sites who have agreed to participate. Site metrics provided from Clinical Conductor CTMS will assist SCRS to establish site metrics and cycle times for a number of clinical trial parameters. This information includes study startup cycle time, patient enrollment metrics, budgetary and contract statistics and other analytics.

“The advancement of clinical trial management and research operations is one of the guiding principles behind Clinical Conductor CTMS,” explains Dan Kerpelman, CEO of Bio-Optronics. “Working with the SCRS to establish actionable metrics for the benefit of all researchers was a natural initiative for our organization. We take pride in our ability to participate in this noteworthy and beneficial venture.”

The SCRS and Clinical Conductor CTMS collaboration is intended to be an ongoing endeavor and will continue to expand and enhance the industry benchmark initiative that is being established. The initial results include Clinical Conductor CTMS sites that have chosen to participate in this endeavor. However, the SCRS benchmarking engine, built by Clinical Conductor CTMS, has been designed to allow research sites using other CTMS applications to include their data and benefit from future benchmarking reports. The initial results of this collaboration will be unveiled during the “Benchmarking Your Site” session at the Site Solutions Summit in Amelia Island, FL on October 12, 2013.

About Clinical Conductor CTMS:

Clinical Conductor Site CTMS is the site-specific trial management solution from leading healthcare software and service provider Bio-Optronics. As a market leader with over 28 years of industry experience working with over 1,800 clinical and healthcare organizations, Bio-Optronics produces a variety of products aimed at meeting the specific needs of each organization: Clinical Conductor Enterprise, a leading-edge, CTMS for organizations managing multiple trials across multiple locations; Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler, the highly configurable, rule-based scheduling software; and Biopoint, a patient identification system designed to ensure the proper identification of patients and synchronization of treatment at hospitals and other long-term care facilities. Bio-Optronics and its products are recognized for consistent, unparalleled service and support that continuously ensure our products are constantly exceeding client and market needs.

About the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS):

SCRS is the global trade organization representing 1,300 sites in 22 countries. SCRS’ mission is to unify and amplify the voice of the global clinical research site community. SCRS has become an active partner in industry-wide dialogues focused on improving the clinical research enterprise among the many industry initiatives. Sites, as well as companies that sponsor or support the work conducted at the clinical research sites, will also benefit from membership. Visit

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