Bio-Optronics Sets New Industry Precedent with Twenty Major CTMS Data Migrations

September 28, 2020 – ROCHESTER, NY – Bio-Optronics, the makers of the industry leading CCTrialSuite, are proud to announce over twenty (20) large, successful client data migrations from major CTMS systems sunsetting operations in the near future. This milestone allows hospitals, health systems and institutions around the world to continue providing essential clinical research to patients without the loss of important clinical data. What’s more, these successful migrations took place while some in the industry struggled to provide business continuity as site customers made the required transition of CTMS systems in 2019 and 2020.

“These successful data migrations are the direct result of a partnership between our clients and our internal deployment teams,” says Maria Durkin, VP of Services at Bio-Optronics. “By keeping client success the #1 priority, expectations were clearly set, teams worked cohesively and the multiple, complex CTMS data migrations were completed in just a few months.”

In addition to building new applications and innovative tools for efficiently managing clinical trials and enabling remote workflows, Bio-Optronics continues to optimize digital data flows between systems. Ensuring research sites of all sizes have access to past data when leveraging new software solutions remains critical to that mission.

About Bio-Optronics

Bio-Optronics is a leading software and services company that creates user-focused applications for healthcare organizations that positively impact business performance. With applications focused on clinical research, automated resource utilization and patient safety, Bio-Optronics software is used by thousands of healthcare organizations worldwide to simplify complex business processes and enhance overall quality and efficiency.

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