Bio-Optronics, Leading the Way in Healthcare Workflow Software, Celebrating Its 25th Anniversary Year

Bio-Optronics is celebrating our 25th Anniversary this year. With double-digit growth, we continue to delight customers with our healthcare workflow software solutions.

Clinical Conductor Site Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), part of the Clinical Conductor family of workflow solutions for clinical trials, is now being used in over 600 sites of all varieties, around the world. “Sites are proactively coming to us to learn how Clinical Conductor CTMS has helped those using it to recruit faster, run trials more effectively, reduce costs and be more marketable to sponsors,” states Maria Durkin, VP and Director of Marketing and Operations at Bio-Optronics. With ongoing emphasis on customer feedback, the latest version has hundreds of enhancements. With a new physician portal for information sharing and study overview, project milestone tracking, and improved financial management, Clinical Conductor continues to improve collaboration across research boundaries.

Our Bio-Point workflow solutions for patient care and safety continue to be adopted by hospitals across the country and are now being used in over 50 VA facilities. The Patient ID Wristband System has been proven to enhance patient safety through customized use of color photographs, barcodes, alerts, and other options. Fully aligned with the Joint Commission’s #1 patient safety goal and the American Hospital Association’s recommendation to standardize wristband colors, the patient wristband solution provides the platform for additional patient safety initiatives. Expertise in deployments, integration, and training help customers quickly realize, maximize and maintain the benefits.

Response to our new Momentum workflow solutions for imaging centers and specialty practices has been strong. In particular, the Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler is a unique automated scheduling solution that addresses the complexity and inefficiency of physician and staff scheduling. Customized to an organization’s specific scheduling policy, it optimizes multiple parameters simultaneously and takes into account interdependent assignments to build optimized schedules in minutes, make fair assignments, and leave more time for patient care.

Bio-Optronics expertise in healthcare, workflow, and integration, and our strong focus on the customer, differentiates us from others and provides solutions that help our clients quickly enhance productivity, quality, and patient and staff satisfaction.