Biopoint Surgery Manager from Bio-Optronics helps VA facilities maximize veteran care efficiency

ROCHESTER, NY – Bio-Optronics, the makers of the VA trusted Biopoint Patient ID and Biopoint Barcode Point of Care (BPOC) applications, announces the release of their newest VA offering, the Biopoint Surgery Manager Suite. This new scheduling and tracking solution will immediately help VA surgery departments increase patient throughput, ensure on-time starts, and reduce in-facility wait times, ultimately providing the best care for veterans.

The Biopoint Surgery Manager Suite, composed of pre-op scheduling and real-time status tracking components, allows VA surgery teams to maximize the efficiency of surgical services from check-in through discharge, including addressing timeliness issues that impact veteran satisfaction. An added benefit is the confidence and control provided by dynamic information display boards, instant patient status, automated communications, precise scheduling, and real-time decision support metrics designed specifically for VA.

“As the next step in our long-term relationship with VA facilities, the Biopoint Surgery Manager Suite addresses VA’s current and future surgical timeliness and resource efficiency needs, and is designed to support critical VA initiatives that will help providers and staff provide the best care, everywhere,” said Chartfield Bliss, Product Line Manager for Biopoint.

Seamless VistA integration provides a solution for today that eliminates inefficient double data entry. In addition, Bio-Optronics software erases continuity risk by being Health Information Systems (HIS) platform agnostic, and through continued collaboration with VA leadership and technology partners, ensures benefits provided today will seamlessly extend into the future electronic health records environment.

Other HIS agnostic VA focused solutions include the Biopoint Patient ID, used by over 150 VA Medical Centers, Healthcare Centers (HCC), and Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs) to print VA specific patient wristbands, and the BPOC electronic Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) contingency solution. Additionally, the Biopoint Manager Suite is scalable to any size facility, and highly configurable to specific Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems and workflows in Pharmacy, Radiology, Dental and many other VA services.

About Bio-Optronics:

Bio-Optronics, the creator of several Biopoint VA facility solutions, is a leading software and services company that creates user-focused software and services for VA Medical centers, HCCs, CBOCs and other healthcare facilities that positively impacts the lives of patients. The Biopoint family is the all-encompassing patient safety and access to care suite used by over 150 VA facilities. More information can be found at


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