Bio-Optronics Inc Expands Time-Off Rules and Reporting Flexibility

Rochester, NY – Bio-Optronics and the Momentum Scheduling team is pleased to announce the latest release to the Momentum Scheduling application. New features include increased flexibility in reporting, improvements to hours based scheduling and the Job Board, and an expansion of time off rules and requests.

The greatest strength of Momentum’s industry-leading algorithm is its focus on fairness. Momentum can simplify the process by calculating equity based on assignments, points, or by hours worked. Momentum also gives users the ability to create Breakpoints, which can split a role multiple times to provide flexibility in shift scheduling.

The time off rules in Momentum were expanded and re-branded as Request Rules. Users can set rules against all request types, with warning and constraint limits for request submission by days, weeks, months, or years. The Job Board will have new administrative features and controls; administrators can post unfilled assignments to the Job Board and can send out notifications about the unfilled position.

“These enhancements to Momentum continue to bring flexibility, speed and accuracy to the application. Momentum strives to simplify the scheduling process and we are always excited to provide our customers with the latest features that will revolutionize the way they schedule their physicians and staff,” says Matt Florack, Product Line Manager for Momentum Scheduling.

These innovative enhancements and functionalities continue to provide organizations around the world with the tools they need to create the most in-depth and accurate schedules and provide additional insight and efficiency for their organizations.

About Bio-Optronics

Bio-Optronics, the creator of Momentum Physician and Staff Scheduler, is a leading software and services company that creates user-focused software and services for healthcare organizations that positively impacts the lives of patients around the world. Momentum is the all-encompassing physician and staff scheduling system used by over 200 healthcare organizations around the world. Momentum provides organizations with the tools they need to increase scheduling efficiency and overall practice management. To learn more about Momentum Scheduling please click here.