Want a Staff Scheduling Software but Your Boss Says No…Show Them This…Part 2

Earlier this week we started to take a look at some ammunition for you to take to your boss to help convince them it’s time to make the switch to an automated scheduling software. For the full article, click here. Let’s quickly review the situation.

The Situation

You have been asking your boss for a scheduling software but they won’t make a purchase because they don’t see it as a critical tool. You know it is critical to the success of your department but nobody else feels your pain so you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you need some help convincing your boss that getting a scheduling application is the right thing to do, show them this article. While making your job easier is the ultimate goal, it may be important to show your boss benefits that relate to things they are concerned with in order to get the green light.

How Does Automated Scheduling Benefit Your Department or Practice?

Decrease Turnover by as Much as 17%

While it may not seem possible, nearly 20% of physicians leave their position due to scheduling related concerns. Some of these concerns include unfair call and shift distribution, time-off request management issues and incompatible schedules. An automated scheduling application can address all of these concerns and help to prevent people from quitting due to scheduling problems. Automated schedulers can track time-off requests, ensure a fair and equitable distribution of call and help to give people the flexibility they need. From a dollars and cents perspective, each provider that is lost costs $1.2 million to replace. So for a department or practice, keeping physicians happy is critical to its ultimate success. For more information about this check out our free white paper on the topic.

Quickly Setting Time-Off Disputes

Any department manager knows that disputes will arise when it comes to time-off. Many organizations have rules about how many providers can be away at one time, so naturally, some providers may want the same days off. An automated scheduling application can put these disputes to rest by tracking the exact time that requests were made, making it easier for the administrator to determine who gets their request approved.

In addition to all of these great benefits, we can’t forget about the great benefits that come from the powerful functionality of any automated scheduling application, including reduced department stress, improved communications, scheduling transparency and reduced scheduling timelines.

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