The State of Physician Scheduling

Physician scheduling is a crucial facet of any healthcare organization. At times herculean in its importance, healthcare organizations must ensure that employees are positioned to provide the best – and most timely – care possible around the clock. This not-so-small feat extends further than simply scheduling appointments and allocating physicians. There are numerous factors to consider when approaching physician scheduling, including time off, staff requests, last minute changes, and more.

To combat physician scheduling, healthcare organizations employ a number of different tactics. From Excel sheets or EMR module scheduling to state-of-the-art physician software, organizations across all specialties use these methods to ensure that patients are receiving the care they need.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the demands for better scheduling on behalf of both patients and healthcare employees becomes all the more pressing. Even the slightest margin of error can result in serious employee burnout, missed appointments and a hit to the bottom line. When looking to the future, healthcare organizations need to critically assess the state of their physician scheduling to ensure that it’s leading their staff and patients in the right direction.

But how do physician scheduling methods stack up? We had the same question.

To get a closer look at the state of physician scheduling, Bio-Optronics surveyed 150 physicians about the scheduling at their organizations. These medical teams, offices, and organizations provided key insights, pain points and characteristics that paint a larger portrait on the state of physician scheduling across the United States. And the results were telling.

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