The Cost of Time: How Poor Scheduling is Impacting Your Healthcare Organization’s Bottom Line

For many healthcare administrators, staff scheduling often feels like another necessary part of the job. When creating staff schedules, it’s written off as a secondary activity. But this is often a costly error for healthcare organizations and can lead to a number of negative outcomes.

Organizations who treat scheduling as just another “to-do” are running the risk of impacting their department in the following ways:

Decreased Patient Satisfaction

Hospital staff are responsible for helping patients feel cared for and heard in their hour of need. When doctors are late, when orderly shifts are missed, or when personnel are too fatigued to do their jobs, it is likely due to scheduling errors. Unfortunately, it is the patients that suffer the most from poor scheduling.

Costly Schedule Creation

How much does the creation of each staff schedule cost your organization? Furthermore, how much does it cost when these schedules are altered with shift requests, corrected errors, and other concerns? You don’t need a calculator to deduce that inefficient scheduling incurs the kind of cost no organization wants to take on.

Low Employee Satisfaction

The best organizations are made up of happy, well-rounded people. If personnel have limited scheduling flexibility and are riddled with confusion about their duties and responsibilities, it’s likely to impact the work they do on a daily basis.

While poor scheduling can pose a number of challenges for healthcare organizations, the right software can help your organization become more cost-effective and efficient. To learn more about the benefits of automated scheduling software, download our free eBook: On Time for Success: How Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Internal Performance with Scheduling Software.

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