Stopping Staffing Issues: Understanding Your Patient Demand

Understaffing is a common occurrence in the healthcare world. Unfortunately, these situations have negative effects for everyone involved. Many of these problems can be solved with proper physician and staff scheduling. By using an automated scheduling application, you can improve many facets of your department while achieving a positive ROI. A great step in determining that you need an automated scheduling application is understanding your patient demand, which can be determined by analyzing several different factors:

Overtime Being Paid

This one obvious. The more overtime being paid, clear it is that you have an understaffed department. This creates a bad financial situation for your organization and creates more dangerous environments for your staff and your patients. Automated scheduling can help you decrease your overtime and get your workplace back to peak efficiency.

Staff Satisfaction

You can help determine your patient demand by analyzing your staff satisfaction. Noticing additional frustration, increased errors, more call-ins, or anything else can give you a clear understanding as to whether or not your team is enjoying their jobs. An overworked department can only last for so long before people start leaving or become unhappy.

Patient Satisfaction

Unmet patient demand is inversely correlated with your patient satisfaction levels – the more needs that are unmet, the more unhappy your patients become. If you see that your patient satisfaction levels are dropping, then you should seriously consider an automated scheduling application to help you improve your scheduling processes.

There are countless other factors that go into determining whether or not you are meeting your patient demand, but these are some easy starting points to help you get your bearings and start on the process to having your workplace become the most efficient organization possible!