Staff Scheduling Application Requirements: A Good UX

Does a complicated, messy staff scheduling application work just as well as one that is clean and intuitive? You’d be surprised to know that the answer doesn’t matter! If the staff scheduling system you use is complicated and messy, you are already at a disadvantage that is costing you valuable time and money. Here is why you need a staff scheduling system that is both powerful and visually pleasing:

Staff Adoption

Those in your workplace can’t see the power behind a staff scheduling application – but they do have to use it for certain tasks. If the system you’re using is complicated and hard to learn, your physicians and staff simply won’t use it, effectively rendering your scheduling application half as effective.

Workplace Satisfaction

If your staff can’t easily view their schedule or apply for time off, they will quickly get unhappy. Over time, this dissatisfaction could transform into retention issues that have the potential to cause even more problems for your entire organization.

Scheduling Errors

A system that is easy to navigate isn’t just appealing to staff; it has benefits for administrators as well. A messy system with too many buttons and inconsistent page designs is more likely to cause admins to make errors while building schedules. These errors then become increasingly hard to fix and waste time fixing and rebuilding schedules correctly.

While you should not select a physician and staff scheduling application solely based on appearance, you must be conscious of how the interface will allow you to successfully complete your necessary tasks. Without a well-designed system, even the most powerful of applications can only be so valuable.

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