Scheduling Accuracy: How to Hit the Bull’s-eye

Any scheduling application that holds any real value will be able to build schedules accurately. What separates the good ones from the greatest applications are the minor details and features that create schedules that are (almost) flawless. Some of these features can be seen and observed, while some are found within an application’s scheduling algorithm. These minor advancements allow organizations to schedule in ways lesser scheduling applications cannot. When researching and speaking with scheduling application providers, be sure to note some of these accuracy-enhancing features:

Role Integration

Scheduling based on individual roles is easy. Where this simple feature can begin to fail organizations is when physicians or staff are required to work multiple roles in the same day, or even at the same time. Organizations frequently encounter this problem. If roles cannot be scheduled together, the system will be forced to produce a somewhat inaccurate schedule. To fix this, administrators will have to spend time manually making this change. Great scheduling applications can give users the power to state which roles can be combine, effectively eliminating this issue.

Build Intelligence

Build Intelligence is when a scheduling application builds each schedule by first scheduling an organization’s most difficult roles. By scheduling roles in a “hardest to easiest” fashion, no roles get overlooked, the schedule is more accurate, and the schedule is built more quickly. Only the most advanced scheduling applications have a system sophisticated enough to allow users to rank the difficulties of their organizational roles.

While role integration and build intelligence are not a part of an application’s core functionality, they do wonders in increasing the ROI and making the application easier to use for administrators. Moreover, these features deliver more accurate schedules, which are always appreciated by physicians and staff. Proper scheduling often leads to higher workplace satisfaction!