Patient Demand Can Be Met with Physician Scheduling Software

Did you know that it takes an average of 24 days to schedule a first-time appointment with a physician?  That’s a 30 percent increase from 2014, according to the Becker Hospital Review. And once the appointment is made, hospitals need to make sure they have enough physicians on staff, as unmet appointments cost providers $150 billion annually.

A growing consumer base and a population aging faster than ever before has created a vastly different marketplace for medical practitioners. The U.S. has 46 million residents over the age of 65—a figure that’s expected to nearly double by 2060. Within this massive population, 92 percent have one or more chronic health conditions that will require regular care. Soon an already overwhelmed system will be even more flooded; The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for roughly 20 million previously uninsured Americans to acquire health insurance, many of whom have pre-existing conditions. So how can providers handle this increased demand?

Physician Scheduling Software

Scheduling software extends beyond scheduling appointments and allocating physicians. It helps all medical departments meet patient demand with efficient shift scheduling that reduces patient wait times, improves communication, and provides a solution to use-of-space challenges.

Our free Ebook “Why Every Medical Department Should Prioritize Scheduling,” discusses how staff scheduling software is helping healthcare providers and organizations meet patient demand, as well as control costs, increase employee satisfaction, and provide labor statistics that department leaders can turn into actionable business decisions.

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