How to Get Your Staff to Adopt a New Scheduling Software Application

Appropriate Training

This training comes in two parts. The earliest training sessions should come from the scheduling application company, whether it’s from videos, on-site walkthroughs or virtual meetings. These people know their applications the best and are the most capable of answering the unique questions from your team members. Not to mention the personal touch will help facilitate adoption amongst your staff.

The second part of training comes from your administration. As application updates come around, or new employees enter the practice, you need to make sure everyone status up-to-date on the latest and greatest related to your scheduling application.

Easy-to-Use Interface

If the application you use is constantly making it hard for the people at your practice to take care of their scheduling needs, then they won’t use it. You should make sure you are heavily analyzing the user interface, making sure it won’t inhibit the support from your staff.

Constant & Open Communication

Once initial training is complete, it is guaranteed that questions will arise. The administrators at your practice need to remain in a “super user” role for your scheduling application. This requires answering questions, conducting training, and correcting any misuse that occurs.

Enforce & Incentivize Use

Even with a great system that has ample training and a nice interface, some users will naturally be resistant to change. To ensure your new automated scheduling maximizes your ROI, you need to enforce its use amongst your staff. Setting deadlines and removing old practices (i.e. printing a schedule and placing it in everyone’s mailbox) will help move everyone to the new system and get your practice running the way it should.