How Medical Departments Get Real Business Insights with Labor Analytics

In many ways, hospitals are like any other business; they face similar challenges relating to overstaffing, understaffing, controlling costs, and ensuring their customers are satisfied. Solving these issues can be difficult, especially without analytics to point them in the right direction for improvement. Automated scheduling software provides hospitals with critical physician and patient schedule data, time and attendance data, payroll data and production data, so department leaders can gain insight into the work performed, the time it took, what it cost, and how much it produced—all in one, clear, actionable platform.

Getting Granular

The level of granularity needed to arrive at actionable insights into staffing can be difficult to achieve without automated software. Building physician schedules using a shared online spreadsheet or paper can be costly, and without balancing clinical and facility needs with automated software, hospitals are missing important insights into overtime, short-staffing, or the cost of paying an overqualified physician to do the work that can be handled by administrative staff.

Advantages of Automated Software

Automated scheduling software removes the technological barriers and timing restrictions that come with manually analyzing data.

  • Organizations can realize whether its time at the beginning or end of the day that is most productive and make shifts to adjust
  • Departments can control overtime costs and provider flow, and forecast the impact of different scheduling models
  • Business decisions can be based on real staffing patterns and trends by production, location, team, day, and time
  • Information can improve the staffing approach in an iterative way
  • Clinical work can be evenly distributed to decrease burnout risks
  • Real-time data can inform decisions that reduce staffing costs without sacrificing the quality of patient care

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