Could You Use an Extra 20 Hours a Week? Automated Scheduling Can Help

Both administrators and physicians have to suffer through the terrible task of creating schedules for their office. Fortunately, technology can help eliminate the burden of scheduling physicians and administrators, thanks to the advent of automated scheduling sweeping through the healthcare industry. Some organizations can save hundreds of hours a year by using an automated scheduling application. Here are four ways this technology allows you to stop wasting time scheduling:

Easily Manage Your Sea of Requests (-5 hours)

Automated scheduling applications have features that staff can utilize to apply for time off or to swap shifts. Now, you don’t have to fumble through emails and sticky notes to remember which requests were made before you begin to build a schedule. What’s more, you can approve or deny these requests within the application, and the staff members involved are automatically notified.

Forget the Grunt Work of Schedule Building (-9 hours)

One of the best features about automated scheduling is its ability to integrate all of your rules and policies into the application to automatically build a schedule that conforms to the unique needs of your organization and its people. This step has the potential to be reduced to just a few minutes for some organizations, now that they do not have to build each schedule by hand.

Stop Double and Triple Checking for Errors (-4 hours)

When making a manual schedule, you likely had to check it several times before sending it out to your staff. Automated scheduling applications remove this step with conflict detection. This feature gives you an alert that something on the schedule is incorrect, allowing you to make a change before the final schedule is published.

Stop Chasing Your Staff to Give Them the New Schedule (-2 hours)

Rather than posting a schedule in the break room or hoping your staff will open it from an email, you can set your schedule to be published in an automated scheduling application. When this is done, an email will be sent to everyone in your organization; but what’s more, the application can even sync each staff member’s schedule with their Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar, allowing everyone to have their schedule where they will see it most easily.