But…Where Do I Go? 3 Ways to Make Sure Staff are in the Right Place

Healthcare is a dynamic industry, things change on a minute-by-minute basis; staff and physician schedules are not immune from the continual change. Constant change to the physician and staff schedule poses a number of different concerns for healthcare organizations; however, the most common issue is staff or physicians not being in the right place at the right time. An automated scheduling application can change that.

Digital Distribution

Automated scheduling applications make the distribution of schedules easy. When using Excel or other scheduling methods, there is no way to easily distribute a schedule to your office or department other than via email. Often, manual schedules are emailed to staff or printed, but this is potentially risky because people may be using outdated versions of the schedule. What’s more, once your physicians and staff receive the schedule, how can they integrate it into their personal and mobile calendars without having to do it manually?

Mobile Access

Doctors are always on the go, and going to an office or break room to find a copy of the schedule isn’t always an option. It is important that physicians and staff are able to quickly see the schedule on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Mobile access benefits physicians in two ways, one it saves the physician the time of having to seek-out a copy of the schedule and two it ensures that they are always looking at the most up-to-date version. Even if there is time to find a copy there is no guarantee that it is the most recent version, which could lead to physicians ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Automatic notifications from an automated scheduling application is a great way to ensure that physicians and staff always end up in the right place. As schedules change physicians are automatically notified of changes to their schedule, keeping everybody on the same page. Notifications can come in the form of emails or text messages, ensuring people get notified how they want to.

With an automated healthcare scheduling application, organizations have the ability to avoid unnecessary mistakes that are common with outdated scheduling methods. In addition to avoiding problems, organizations have the opportunity to save time and money while also improving staff satisfaction and retention. To learn more about automated scheduling, check out “Ending Healthcare’s Scheduling Nightmare.”