Veterans Affairs (VA)


Bio-Optronics is proud to stand behind our record of serving the Veterans Administration (VA) and our nation’s veterans for over 15 years. With our software applications in use at over 130 VA hospitals and clinics across the country, we are a recognized provider of solutions that not only improve patient care and safety, but streamline facility operations and increase the throughput of veterans, helping greater numbers get the care they deserve.

Our suite of targeted software applications provides solutions to some of the most common and persistent challenges within the VA. Our software suite addresses the need for accurate patient identification, electronic medication administration contingencies and process flow optimization in numerous therapeutic areas including surgical departments, pharmacies, radiology suites and more.


Your VA facility can take control of its processes and needs through the multitude of tools you have at your fingertips in our VA targeted suite of software applications. These solutions include:

  • Patient ID wristbands
  • Fully electronic BCMA contingency
  • Surgical department case schedule and utilization improvements
  • Departmental process flow monitoring and improvements