Surgical & Ambulatory Care Centers


Patient safety in surgical centers, ambulatory care centers, and outpatient clinics is just as important as in a full-scale hospital environment. The cornerstone of providing safe and effective care is patient identification. Accurately identifying patients prior to performing any type of medical procedure or medication administration is critical to the overall safety of a patient.

Onpoint ID, from Bio-Optronics, is the solution to this challenge. Quickly print patient ID wristbands designed for your specific facility’s needs. Include each patient’s photo, allergies, clinical warnings, name, and other important information. Printed from an easy-to-use software application, Onpoint ID is the ideal solution for facilities in need of patient wristbands.


Create an environment focused on patient safety using the robust tools include in the Onpoint ID application. Tools include:

  • Configurable wristband designs
  • Integration with HIS systems
  • Configurable allergy and warning flags
  • Robust reporting tools