Drafting Your Research Dream Team – Finding the Right Sites

A great trial is only great if the data recorded is of value and high quality. Value and quality come from the sites you select to work on your trial. As a sponsor, CRO, or other type managing organization, it’s essential that you find the right sites for your trials. If you don’t take this step seriously, you are subject to facing trial delays, quality issues, or much worse. All of these issues also waste time and money for everyone involved. With a proper CTMS, your organization can research and analyze potential sites based on a variety of factors in order to determine which sites are a good fit for a certain trial, or to even be a partner with you at all. Below are four key factors to observe when looking for your ideal sites to start your trials off right:

Past Experience

If you are looking for a site to run a specific type of trial, an obvious place to start would be on a site’s past experience with a similar trial. A CTMS can help you filter through a site’s previous trials to determine whether or not they have conducted similar trials in the past. Knowing this can cut down on confusion and speed up your trial’s efficiency.

Patient Database

If a site can’t get the necessary patients for your trial, then they are not a good fit. You can utilize a CTMS to get reports on whether or not a site has patients with similar characteristics of those who would qualify for your trial. If there are enough patients available, you have found a great partner site!

Past Performance

With a proper CTMS, you can view a site’s history regarding quality of data, timeliness, financial activity, adherence to protocols and much more. Based on a site’s past performance you can determine whether or not they are a partner that can aid in enhancing your trial’s profitability and quality.


A CTMS helps you easily filter out sites that do not fit the geographic requirements for your study. What’s more, you can even filter for sites within a certain area, which is especially valuable if patients are required to visit multiple locations for a particular study.

By understanding which sites are right for your trials and your organization, you can begin to foster long-term partnerships that increase the quality and profitability of your clinical research for all involved parties.