The most advanced and intuitive inmate identification application designed for the unique environments of medical and non-medical prison facilities, jails and other correctional organizations.



Fast and simple design, review and creation of individual wristbands, all in house.

  • Review each person’s wristband
  • Print from any Windows based printer
  • Configurable design to individual facility requirements

Custom Warnings

Add and assign custom warnings to individual profiles and wristbands.

  • Generate custom warning flags
  • Assign custom colors to each warning
  • Assign warnings to any individual


Connect Onpoint ID with your other technology for seamless connectivity and information transfer.

  • Optional integration to Jail Management Systems
  • Pull individual information into Onpoint ID
  • Compatible with a variety of wristband printing devices

Lists & Views

Sort through and organize your database and see your information the way you need it.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • View lists of people in your system
  • Review details and history
  • Advanced sorting capabilities


Generate a variety of advanced reports in real time.

  • Quick reports
  • Custom reporting available
  • Generate real-time information

Onpoint ID Services

Additional Services

Utilize additional resources to ensure your team has everything they need to maximize Onpoint ID effectiveness.

  • Integration services
  • Wristband design services
  • Customer support services