We’ve spent time configuring Momentum for our purposes, and the customer service has been great every step of the way.- Scott Fedler Administrative Assistant - University of Iowa Children’s Hospital

Momentum brings radiology departments the scheduling functionality they need to carry out numerous complex roles and procedures. Our medical scheduling software notifies physicians and staff about changes to the schedule and ensures that every procedure is covered at all times. Momentum integrates with Radiology Information Systems (RIS) to provide radiology departments and imaging centers the ability to handle their imaging procedures and align staff availability with procedure scheduling.

  • Easily-to-use design and interface
  • Advanced role-compatibility functionality
  • Leading-edge conflict detection
  • Granular time tracking features
  • Seamless time off and vacation integration
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Create specific time-off rules and block dates where requests cannot be made
  • Create, attach and prioritize scheduling notes