We’ve spent time configuring Momentum for our purposes, and the customer service has been great every step of the way.– Scott Fedler Administrative Assistant - University of Iowa Children’s Hospital

With a streamlined application and advanced algorithm, Momentum reduces the time it takes to create a schedule and improves the satisfaction of physicians and staff. Our automated medical scheduling application offers role-compatible functionality that allows even the most complex pathology location to create accurate medical schedules with the click of a button. When paired with our professional services, Momentum Scheduling is great addition to any pathology practice.

  • Easily-to-use design and interface
  • Advanced role-compatibility functionality
  • Leading-edge conflict detection
  • Granular time tracking features
  • Seamless time off and vacation integration
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Create specific time-off rules and block dates where requests cannot be made
  • Create, attach and prioritize scheduling notes