The Momentum team values our feedback and uses it to continuously enhance the application.– Scott Fedler Administrative Assistant - University of Iowa Children’s Hospital

OB-GYN groups can utilize the advanced scheduling tools in Momentum to effectively juggle both required office hours and required on call shifts. Based on the requirements and preferences of each physician and staff member, Momentum can quickly create schedules that are acceptable for both your organization and its staff. Since Momentum can easily balance a variety of OB-GYN shifts and roles, errors or inconsistencies are unlikely to occur.

  • Easily-to-use design and interface
  • Advanced role-compatibility functionality
  • Leading-edge conflict detection
  • Granular time tracking features
  • Seamless time off and vacation integration
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Create specific time-off rules and block dates where requests cannot be made
  • Create, attach and prioritize scheduling notes