Emergency Medicine

Momentum takes complicated schedules and makes them simple, which eliminates the possibility of any unnecessary confusion for everyone on our team.– Leslie Wells Technology Coordinator - Saint Louis University Medical Center

The physicians and staff of emergency departments are often found working multiple roles and conducting a variety of procedures each day. With Momentum, emergency departments can integrate complex rules and policies directly into Momentum, as well as any shift and on call requirements for each staff member, and quickly create complex, accurate schedules. By combining this information into Momentum, emergency departments are given the tools to create fair, effective schedules.

  • Easily-to-use design and interface
  • Advanced role-compatibility functionality
  • 24-hour coverage capability
  • Granular time tracking features
  • Seamless time off and vacation integration
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Create specific time-off rules and block dates where requests cannot be made
  • Create, attach and prioritize scheduling notes