Academic Medical Centers

The customer support team, was a tremendous help and walked us through every inch of the software. They are very patient and always striving to make Momentum work to fit our unique needs.– Dr. Vijay Moorjani Staff Radiologist - Alberta Children's Hospital

Momentum provides academic medical centers (AMCs) with a scheduling solution that can centralize physician and resident schedules in a single application. The application can effectively handle both required academic time and scheduled rotations with ease. Momentum takes into consideration FTE concerns for providers, and strives to provide the most comprehensive physician and staff scheduling application available. By including our integration with MedHub, scheduling for an academic medical center has never been easier!

  • Easily-to-use design and interface
  • Advanced role-compatibility functionality
  • Leading-edge conflict detection
  • Granular time tracking features
  • Seamless time off and vacation integration
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Create specific time-off rules and block dates where requests cannot be made
  • Create, attach and prioritize scheduling notes