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Centralized Schedule Management

Centralized Schedule Management

Looking for a single location to manage your scheduling needs? Momentum gives organizations the ability to integrate their schedule needs with an advanced and streamlined application.

  • In-app request submissions for a streamlined request process
  • Customized built-in calendars for viewing multiple schedules no matter the location
  • On-the-go schedules via mobile app
  • Web-based access worldwide 24/7
  • Auto login functionality

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications and Alerts

Keep your organization up to date with automatic alerts and notifications. Receive notifications for the latest schedules, when changes are made, no matter where you are!

  • Batch notifications to notify the entire organization at once
  • Personal and administrative notifications provide different levels of communication
  • Assignment reminders to keep your staff aware of their next shift
Solution Focus

Self Scheduling

Robust Self-Scheduling for Your Staff

Allow your staff to interact with one another to formulate schedules and shifts that works best for them! By giving your staff control over some aspects of their schedules, Momentum can increase employee satisfaction at your organization.

  • Submit shift swaps effortlessly
  • Take and give away shifts with Job Board
  • Admin approval occurs with just one click

Accurate Schedules

Accurate Schedules Built on Intelligence

Momentum provides your organization with a fully developed schedule based on your specific requirements. With schedules created at the click of a button, organizations can spend less time building their schedule and more time with patients.

  • Set up around unique rules at your organization
  • Automatically builds schedules with click of button
  • Industry-leading scheduling accuracy without compromising speed

Tailored Tracking & Reports

Create advanced reports with ease! Track and monitor your schedules and staff to compile exact metrics and data.

  • Track hours worked, including overtime
  • Ensure scheduling is built with equity
  • Maintain compliance by reviewing accurate information

Quick Scheduling Communication

It’s important to have seamless communication throughout your organization. Momentum provides the tools required to connect your staff to their schedule.

  • Automatic, real-time alerts
  • Set shift-specific notes where needed


Integrate your existing calendars with Momentum! Automatically add your work schedule to your personal calendar. Leading-edge technology keeps you in the know, no matter where you are!

  • Syncs with iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook
  • Automatically push schedules to staff calendars
  • Prevent outdated schedules from being used


Even though the Momentum build considers all requests and rules, we understand that changes can occur. We consider the “human element” that increases the flexibility of our application.

  • Conflict detection to prevent scheduling mistakes
  • A drag and drop schedule
  • Automatic alerts for potential errors
  • Manually override schedules at the click of a button

Human Resources Management

Looking for an application that improves HR functionality and analytics? The Human Resources module in Momentum efficiently tracks the important information you need to keep your organization running smoothly

  • Improve tracking of vacation days, paid time off, and overtime used by your staff
  • Set up incentives for working unwanted shifts and times
  • Set up fiscal periods to accurately see hours worked
  • Reconcile human resources information to distribute payments successfully


Does your organization need advanced tracking capabilities? Our add-on clocking module provides granular time tracking for accurate reporting.

  • Provides organizations the ability to track down to the minute of time worked
  • Incorporate clock in and out functionality
  • Monitor complex requirements with ease
  • Integrate with your RFID or fingerprint


Now you can view your schedule on the go! Using our mobile app, physicians and staff can view their schedule, submit requests and receive notifications at their fingertips.

Make physician and staff scheduling simple and centralized.

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