Three things to look for when selecting new technology for your medical practice

Investing in new technology is important to keep your medical practice running smoothly. Many tasks that providers and administrators face daily can be accomplished by technology, allowing them to focus on responsibilities that require human interaction. When looking for new technology that could improve your practice management, here are a few key things you should keep in mind:

1.   Does this improve the patient experience?

Patient care is the number one priority for practices. Take a step back and look at how the patient care at your practice compares to top hospitals in the country. Is there room for improvement in your patients care and experiences? Maintaining a caring, safe, and clean environment is important, but don’t forget about the other things that keep patients happy. Decreasing wait times, improving patient documentation, improving access to information among other things, can be streamlined by technology. Happy patients lead to referrals which lead to increased revenue!

2.   Does this limit administrative burdens?

Even though clinicians will always have some level of administrative work, reducing that load can drastically increase patient access to care and reduce provider burnout. Doctors want to spend their time with patients, not buried under paperwork. Selecting technology that allows your providers to focus their time on patient care and reduce their mental exhaustion is always a worthwhile investment.

Limiting administrative burdens is important not just for providers, but for administrators and practice managers as well. Keeping a practice running smoothly is a big responsibility, and technology is an essential way to ensure it will run as efficiently as possible. Healthcare organizations need to find new methods to optimize workflows, keep providers engaged with patients, and ensure a work-life balance for their physicians. If healthcare organizations can reduce administrative burdens, they can reduce staff turnover, improve job satisfaction, and increase patient access to care.

3.   Does this improve communication?

Communication between your physicians, nurses, techs, etc. should always be easy. Providing a straightforward and uncomplicated way for your care team to collaborate on patient needs and medical information should be a top priority! Technology is an effective solution to provide transparency between your care team, and keep everyone updated in real time of the latest information.

Communication between your care team is important; equally important is the communication between your care team and their patients. While physicians deal with medical terminology and illness on a regular basis, it can still be a very scary time for your patient. Keeping them updated on their case, even if it is just telling them or their family you are still waiting on some results, can mean the world.

Technology allows practices to provide high quality and cost-effective patient care. If there is an aspect of your practice that is resulting in wasted time, errors, or extra costs, there could be a solution in technology. Keep these three factors in mind during your search.

Have any other tips when looking for new technology? Let us know in the comments!

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