Telltale Signs that You Need Web-Based Scheduling

No two healthcare organizations are exactly alike, but one trait they all share is their need to schedule staff. Depending on a variety of factors, healthcare staff scheduling can quickly get complex, suck up countless hours and waste thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the healthcare industry is fitted with web-based scheduling applications that make this easier. Web-based scheduling applications can make it easier to manage requests, build schedules, check for errors, distribute schedules and much more. Depending on your scheduling requirements, you may be a great fit for a web-based scheduling application. Here are four ways to help determine if you should look into it:

You Have to Handle a Large Amount of Requests

Handling requests can be a pain. Staff may approach you via email, phone, paper or in-person to submit a request, and it’s your job to approve and organize all of those before you publish your next schedule. If any request is omitted or overlooked, it can require your schedule to be rearranged and republished. What’s more, forgotten requests can add frustration and decrease satisfaction amongst your staff.

Web-based scheduling makes request management easy for everyone involved. Staff members can submit requests online and you can approve or deny the requests directly within the application. What’s more, any approved requests will automatically be integrated into your next schedule.

You Have Employees Who Have to Meet Hours or Shift Requirements

If you have employees who are required to work certain hours or shifts, it is important to track whether or not they are on track to fulfill their obligations. Web-based scheduling applications can create specific rules for individual physicians or staff members to ensure they are scheduled in a way that always fulfills their shift or hours requirements. This data can even be generated into a report to track how well physicians and staff are performing relative to their obligations. This also ensures employees are scheduled fairly, which helps increase workplace satisfaction.

Your Employees Don’t Always See the Schedule

If you work in a hectic workplace where people come and go often, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is brought up to speed every time a schedule is released. Web-based schedules can mitigate confusion by automatically syncing up with mobile calendars and personal calendars of physicians and staff members. This way, everyone has immediate access to their new schedule in a place they can readily access it – keeping everyone on the same page.

Your Team Members Sometimes Work Multiple Roles

At times, someone at your organization might be working two roles during one shift. To complicate things, sometimes those roles might overlap. Traditional scheduling systems lack the necessary functionality to account for role compatibility. With web-based scheduling, applications allow administrators to determine which roles are compatible together. As schedules are published, staff whose assignments contain multiple roles are effortlessly created without unnecessary warnings or alerts. What’s more, those staff members know that they are working multiple roles during a shift without any added confusion.

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