Taking a Dual Approach to Practice Management

In healthcare, there’s been quite a lot of technological advancement in recent years in essentially every field and specialty. Many of these technological advancements are aimed at directly improving the patient experience; and while practice-focused innovations exist, they are often more difficult to uncover. Part of the reason these technologies are less employed than patient-focused technologies comes from awareness. When utilized together, with or without direct integration, patient-focused and practice-focused technology can work together to enhance the efficiencies and processes throughout your organization.

By taking practice-focused initiatives, you can quickly gain insights into where your organization may need to improve, which may often help improve the effectiveness of your patient-focused initiatives. Take, for example, your staff scheduling system. If you currently use something that is manual (or even on paper), then creating your schedules is a daunting task, which might take one entire FTE’s time or more. It is likely the case that this system cannot integrate or effectively support your patient scheduling system; as a result, that software may be subject to the errors of your staff scheduling system. Similar errors can also occur when your scheduling system doesn’t have the capability of tracking hours worked and hourly rates, as this information is essential to payroll.

By employing a practice-focused technology, such as automated scheduling, in tandem with your patient-focused initiatives, you can create an advanced system within your organization capable of integrating and/or communicating in order to ensure constant flows of information to the required parties. What’s more, automated scheduling applications ensure your organization has the correct number of staff scheduled at the right times, allowing other applications to operate without the risk of understaffing issues.

As your organization continues to grow and evolve with the use of technology, make sure to be on the lookout for practice-focused technologies that can help take your people, processes and patient experience to the next level.

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