Three things to look for when selecting new technology for your medical practice

Investing in new technology is important to keep your medical practice running smoothly. Many tasks that providers and administrators face daily can be accomplished by technology, allowing them to focus on responsibilities that require human interaction. When looking for new technology that could improve your practice management, here are a few key things you should […]

3 Ways Medical Anesthesiology Scheduling Software Can Benefit Your Health Care Organization

The core mission of every healthcare institution is to provide compassionate, exemplary care to patients. One of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of providing this kind of care is time. For physicians, nurses and support staff within healthcare organizations, time is one of the most valuable assets they have. And for anesthesiologists, whose […]

Using Unconventional Methods Leads to Higher Patient Engagement

This past April, Becker’s Hospital Review hosted a group of 32 hospital executives to discuss a variety of topics, including patient engagement. The hospital executives were asked to define what patient engagement meant to them, with a common theme emerging almost immediately. “Engagement means we are partners for life – listening, educating and coming to […]

The Top 5 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Improve Workforce Optimization

Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for new ways to improve workforce optimization. By utilizing healthcare data analytics, new strategies can be found and implemented to improve health systems around the country. GE Healthcare recently published an article entitled “Top Workforce Management Initiatives: For Quality of Care Improvement and Labor Cost Reduction.” They surveyed almost 300 […]

The Exhausted Doctor Will See You Now: How Physician Burnout Effects Patient Care

See if this scenario sounds familiar: a physician is working in an emergency room and is trying to get more information out of a patient before he can make a diagnosis. But when he has the opportunity to move on to the next patient, the EMR is crashing and he isn’t able to look at […]

The Financial Impact of Scheduling Decisions on Your Organization

The largest expense of any organization is the cost of staffing, especially when trying to schedule multiple departments or clinics. This is particularly frustrating for the hospitals and other medical organizations trying to keep costs down and improve employee satisfaction. For those who are frustrated and looking for ways to spend their money efficiently, an […]

The Benefits of Social Media for Your Medical Practice

A new year can bring about different initiatives for your organization and your physicians. Something to consider is using social media to promote your medical practice. Patients are looking for unprecedented access to their physicians, and using social media can help bridge the gap between physicians and their patients online. If your medical practice is […]

Staff Scheduling Application Requirements: A Good UX

Does a complicated, messy staff scheduling application work just as well as one that is clean and intuitive? You’d be surprised to know that the answer doesn’t matter! If the staff scheduling system you use is complicated and messy, you are already at a disadvantage that is costing you valuable time and money. Here is […]

Healthcare Scheduling Requests: A System That Works

Creating schedules at a healthcare organization is hard. One of the hardest parts for schedule creators is managing the time-off requests that come up for every scheduling block. There are many ways to try and stay on top of all of these requests, but most options are manual and have a high risk for error.  […]

Rethink Resident and Provider Scheduling

Scheduling for your permanent providers at your organization (physicians and staff) is difficult enough on its own. For many organizations, difficulties are compounded with the addition of residents, who are often scheduled on their own system completely separate from other scheduling systems. This makes it difficult to find the right balance of residents and permanent […]