How Medical Departments Get Real Business Insights with Labor Analytics

In many ways, hospitals are like any other business; they face similar challenges relating to overstaffing, understaffing, controlling costs, and ensuring their customers are satisfied. Solving these issues can be difficult, especially without analytics to point them in the right direction for improvement. Automated scheduling software provides hospitals with critical physician and patient schedule data, […]

What Works and What Doesn’t in Healthcare Scheduling

Today we are going to take a look at a few scheduling myths that truly impact the efficiency of schedule creation in a medical practice or hospital department. Each of these myths bring with them their own unique challenges. Myth # 1: Manual Scheduling is Scalable The first myth we will review is the scalability […]

Patient Demand Can Be Met with Physician Scheduling Software

Did you know that it takes an average of 24 days to schedule a first-time appointment with a physician?  That’s a 30 percent increase from 2014, according to the Becker Hospital Review. And once the appointment is made, hospitals need to make sure they have enough physicians on staff, as unmet appointments cost providers $150 […]

3 Ways Physician Scheduling Software Makes Providers Happy

According to an AMA Insurance report, almost half of all physicians work more than 50 hours a week. And most likely, it’s someone else’s job to schedule all that time. Many practices use a manual scheduling system for this. Unfortunately, that approach can lead to healthcare providers spending valuable time haggling over call shifts, time-off […]

How to Stop Employee Burnout with Hospital Scheduling Software

It’s easy for hospital and healthcare staff to feel overworked. Physicians, nurses, and support workers juggle many pressure-packed tasks, including patient care, compliance issues, and other critical assignments. Managing those competing priorities can burn out employees—and cost medical practices time, money and knowledge, as a result. One of the best ways to mitigate employee stress […]

The State of Physician Scheduling

Physician scheduling is a crucial facet of any healthcare organization. At times herculean in its importance, healthcare organizations must ensure that employees are positioned to provide the best – and most timely – care possible around the clock. This not-so-small feat extends further than simply scheduling appointments and allocating physicians. There are numerous factors to […]

The Cost of Time: How Poor Scheduling is Impacting Your Healthcare Organization’s Bottom Line

For many healthcare administrators, staff scheduling often feels like another necessary part of the job. When creating staff schedules, it’s written off as a secondary activity. But this is often a costly error for healthcare organizations and can lead to a number of negative outcomes. Organizations who treat scheduling as just another “to-do” are running […]

3 Ways Excel Is Costing Your Medical Practice

Excel may seem like a quick and simple way to schedule your providers, techs, and nurses; unfortunately, this outdated method is error prone and can lead to extra costs that your organization must absorb. Scheduling your resources optimally is important to save your organization time and money. Time Administrators or doctors can spend hours per […]

Creating a Culture of Physician Wellness

Provider burnout is a growing epidemic in our country. Physicians work in high stress situations every day, but with the demand to see more patients growing, they rarely have time to slow down and reflect. With high patient quotas and administrative demands, the work-life balance tips more towards work and less towards life. These long […]

October is Momentum Tradeshow Month!

With October winding down, we thought we’d look back at our most recent tradeshows and give our thoughts! Bio-Optronics went to a variety of tradeshows for Momentum to meet with potential users, current users, and partners. From Anaheim to Paris, our Bio-Optronics Sales Team has been hard at work promoting our software solution to a […]