Make physician and medical staff scheduling simple, fast, and accurate.

Momentum Scheduling

No matter what therapy you practice, you will increase both productivity and employee satisfaction with Momentum medical practice management software. Our functionality is backed up by constant support and regular software updates and additions aimed to make your healthcare scheduling process even easier.


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The features in Momentum Scheduling provide our customers with the functionality they need to efficiently build medical staff schedules and improve staff satisfaction.

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MOMENTUM Integrations


We want our medical practice management software to fit the way you work! Momentum integrates with a variety of companies to offer your organization a medical practice software that can improve your healthcare staff scheduling process.

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Momentum is backed by a dedicated support team and three levels of customer support tiers to give our customers the information and assistance they need to use our medical scheduling software to its fullest potential.

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MOMENTUM Resources


Looking for more information about Momentum? View our Resources section where you can download Case Studies, Information Sheets, Webinars, and Videos related to our medical practice management software.

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Why Momentum?

Real-time Accurate Scheduling

Provide your physicians and staff with the latest schedule the second it is completed. Ensure your schedule is always built accurately and fairly.

Increased Accessibility

Access schedules from anywhere via web-based access and view schedules from a computer or mobile device. Your employees can easily access Momentum to submit requests and swap shifts and maximize convenience for both the physicians and the administrator.

Enhanced Focus on Patient Care

Streamline everyday scheduling activities to give physicians more time to focus on their patients.

Advanced Resource Allocation

Create an efficient and automated scheduling solution allows for resources to be allocated to other tasks.

Case Studies

Lakewood Health System

Since Lakewood Health System purchased Momentum Scheduling, their processes have improved tremendously, increasing staff satisfaction and reducing the build time for their schedules. For LHS, Momentum creates 6-month schedules in less than a day. Changes to the schedule happen just as frequently as before, but Momentum allows Lakewood Health to manage those changes in an efficient way.


Planned Parenthood

Since implementing Momentum, the team at Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino counties now builds their schedule in less than 5 minutes. Using Momentum enabled the organization to have more control over vacation requests, scheduling more per diems, and managing the amount of per diems to reach out to for coverage.


UR Medicine

Since implementing Momentum, the Pathology department at the University of Rochester has significantly reduced their schedule build time. Since its implementation of Momentum in July of 2016, efficiency at the organization has immensely improved. The University of Rochester Pathology department utilizes the reporting functionality provided by Momentum, making it easy to retrieve data to backup fairness.