Year in Review: Which Posts Did You Read the Most?

Year in Review: Which Posts Did You Read the Most

You read a lot of blog posts in 2014! Over the past 12 months we have posted over 100 articles to our “Clinical Research and Scheduling” blog. We covered everything from clinical research to workforce management and everything in the middle. Check-out the top-10 most read posts of 2014 for each clinical research and staff scheduling.

Clinical Research, CTMS, Regulatory Guidance and Research Management Posts

  1. The Future of Clinical Trials: The Collaborative CTMS
  2. 3 FDA and GCP Must Reads for All Clinical Researchers
  3. What Makes a Successful Research Site?
  4. Hey, Where’s that Consent Form: 4 Tips to Improve Trial Document Management
  5. Why You Can’t Excel With Excel: The CTMS Chronicles
  6. We Have a Strategy…But is it Working? 6 Metrics to Determine the Success of Your Business Practices
  7. Please Don’t Go! 6 Tips to Improve Patient Retention
  8. Standard Operating Procedures, Metrics, and Clinical Research Quality
  9. Effectively Managing Your Billing Compliance with a CTMS
  10. Enhancing Patient Recruitment with a CTMS

Staff Scheduling, Workforce Management and Organizational Efficiency Posts

  1. 3 Scheduling Myths That Ruin Efficiency
  2. If you’re Happy and Your Know it Clap your Hands: 5 Ways Automated Physician Scheduling Software Improves Staff Morale
  3. Cut Out the Confusion! Scheduling Terms Decoded
  4. How Staff Scheduling Software can Ensure ACA Compliance
  5. How Do You Know You Need Web-Based Scheduling?
  6. But…Where Do I Go? 3 Ways to Make Sure Staff are in the Right Place
  7. Wake Up from the Nightmare: Nine Steps to Reaching Physician and Staff Schedule Success
  8. Could You Use an Extra 20 Hours a Week? Automated Scheduling Can Help
  9. How to Get Your Staff to Adopt a New Scheduling Software Application
  10. Improving Your Practice’s Scheduling: Understanding Equity

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