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OpenClinica Enterprise is now offered by Clinical Conductor CTMS as a complete solution or standalone.

Ensure the greatest level of success in clinical research with the industry’s most complete CTMS-EDC integration.

Open Clinica

Why EDC ?


CTMS Integration

Streamline your research processes, reduce duplicate data entry and eliminate the potential for errors with the most comprehensive CTMS-EDC integration available!

  • Sync essential study fields
  • Push EDC patient info to your CTMS in real time
  • Enhance your visit study element management
  • See EDC visit completions directly within Clinical Conductor CTMS

Data Management

Data Management

Simplify the way your organization takes control of your trial data with powerful data management tools.

  • Intuitive enrollment, data capture, validation and query management
  • Tools for clinical data management, data cleaning and monitoring
  • Real-time data extraction the way you want it
  • Advanced Data Mart tools


21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Ensure the most up-to-date and accurate Part 11 compliance and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) possible.

  • Differentiated user roles with password and user authentication
  • Advanced electronic signature functionality
  • SSL encryption and de-identified Protected Health Information
  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting functionality

Standardized Compliance

eCRF Design

Quickly and easily design intuitive and thorough case report forms and effectively add and manage multiple versions throughout the trial process.

  • Dynamic eCRF design
  • Create and reuse eCRF templates
  • Real time eCRF previewing
  • Quickly and easily create new versions of your eCRFs

Study Build

Study Build

Setting up your studies never seemed so easy with OpenClinica Enterprise.

  • Effortless protocol design
  • Set up your sites, eCRFs and more
  • Easily edit checks and rules, users and study events
  • Send study info to Clinical Conductor CTMS in real time

Clinical Research Resources

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Two heads are always better than one!

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