Your site is continually looking for ways to be more efficient, effective, compliant, and connected to sponsors, patients, and regulators. Integrated and interconnected eClinical solutions, in conjunction with comprehensive CTMS, is the best way to achieve these goals.


eClinical 101

The benefits of integrated eClinical at your site is more than just moving away from a paper-based system. eClinical platforms empower your site to integrate with sponsors and your CRO for real-time document and data exchange and monitoring. Key benefits include:

  • Maximizing Site & Staff Efficiency
  • Increasing Study Capacity
  • Streamlining Sponsor & Patient Connectivity
  • Mitigating Compliance Risks

eClinical solutions works with your site teams, processes and workflows to ensure that trial data is aligned and compliant across all studies. By integrating eClinical with your CTMS, staff will be able to more easily work within the system and be an active part of ensuring site data is actionable. 

A full eClinical solution is typically comprised of eSource, eRegulatory and eConsent components. The more efficient and accurate your site’s data collection is, the greater your level of sponsor satisfaction will be. eSource digitizes the gathering patient and trial data, increasing your site’s overall performance and cost effectiveness.

What eSource Does

Data Entry

Processing paper forms can create numerous obstacles for your clinical trial site, including added labor hours, patient confusion, and a risk of errors. Gathering data digitally increases the cost efficiency of your site, improves the patient experience, reduces study delays and elevates the quality of the information your staff collects.

How eSource Works


The eSource process offers several improvements over electronic data collection (EDC). While EDC information typically comes from a copy of data, eSource data is recorded directly from the patient, creating an original record. Also, the eSource system is designed specifically for the needs of a clinical trial site. By contrast, EDC commonly is standardized for use by a variety of organizations, not tailored for site use.

Why eSource Benefits Your Site

Data Management

Any opportunity for clinical trial site to increase efficiency and reduce costly delays is an opportunity to boost sponsor satisfaction. By removing the need for unnecessary data intervention, eSource gives site managers the power to save time and money, and deliver greater data accuracy.

  • Streamlines the collection of patient and study data
  • Increases the accuracy of data collection
  • Delivers fully compliant data gathering
  • Provides the ability to collect, access and monitor data collection remotely
  • Empowers site managers to accelerate study startup
  • Reduces document cycle time
  • Enables team members to share data and documents securely
  • Incorporates data collected from wearables, heart monitors and other devices easily

Achieve greater site performance and efficiency with the right clinical trial management software.

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