Your site is continually looking for ways to be more efficient, effective, compliant, and connected to sponsors, patients, and regulators. Integrated and interconnected eClinical solutions, in conjunction with comprehensive CTMS, is the best way to achieve these goals.


eClinical 101

The benefits of integrated eClinical at your site is more than just moving away from a paper-based system. eClinical platforms empower your site to integrate with sponsors and your CRO for real-time document and data exchange and monitoring. Key benefits include:

  • Maximizing Site & Staff Efficiency
  • Increasing Study Capacity
  • Streamlining Sponsor & Patient Connectivity
  • Mitigating Compliance Risks

eClinical solutions works with your your site teams, processes and workflows to ensure that data is aligned and compliant across all studies. By integrating eClinical with your CTMS, staff will be able to more easily work within the system and be an active part of ensuring site data is actionable. 

A full eClinical solution is typically comprised of eSource, eRegulatory and eConsent components. Offering a positive patient experience is a top priority for any clinical trial site management. With eConsent, your site is empowered to offer an efficient, effective and pleasant consent process for every client you encounter.

What eConsent Does

eConsent incorporates a powerful suite of multimedia tools to optimize the patient’s informed consent experience. By offering a range of components suited to different learning styles, eConsent offers site managers the flexibility to fully engage participants, obtain quality data and automate the collection of information for maximum reliability.

How eConsent Works

Patient using Tablet

eConsent enables site managers to obtain a patient’s informed consent for a clinical trial digitally. While the complexity and technical nature of most informed consent forms (ICFs) frustrate and confuse patients, eConsent streamlines the process by providing an engaging, easy-to-use interface. Through a combination of images, audio, video, digital signatures and other advanced features, eConsent offers a more accessible way to obtain consent.

Why eConsent Benefits Your Site

Data Management

Hard-copy ICFs can be confusing to patients, time-consuming to process, and prone to human error and fraud. eConsent improves upon paper forms by digitizing the process to improve the patient experience, efficiency of consent collection and quality of results.

  • Increases patient comfort through its easy-to-use interface
  • Gives site managers the flexibility to add or remove features according to their needs and patient learning style
  • Increases transparency and patient protection via digitization
  • Decreases the need for admin intervention through automated data collection
  • Enables site managers to track continuous improvement of consent activities
  • Allows site staff to easily demonstrate continuous improvements to sponsors
  • Potentially improves patient retention and compliance
  • Streamline re-consent process when protocol amendments occur

Achieve greater site performance and efficiency with the right clinical trial management software.

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