Uncovering Clinical Research Sponsor Funding Opportunities

Uncovering Clinical Research Sponsor Funding Opportunities

How to Quantify Value to Increase Sponsor Support

Understanding what sponsors want from their trial site relationships is critical for clinical leaders. Increasingly, sponsors want to be ensured that performance is being monitored and reported upon accurately. Providing sponsors with predictability and reliability can set an organization apart and make it a loyal partner of choice as the industry enters perhaps its most interesting time in history. Sponsors should be able to easily understand how sites can provide predictable, reliable clinical trial results. A site can differentiate further by demonstrating how a clinical research team approaches enrollment, especially how data is tracked, recorded, and organized. 

Make the Case for Sponsor Support

Given increased speed-to-market demands, site management should look beyond how CTMS and eClinical tools benefit your site, taking into consideration how sponsors benefit from its implementation and what enhancements sponsors might support with funds. 

For example, with direct sponsor benefits of easier CRA prep and visits, sponsor support should be considered as a way for your organization to fund an eReg system. During a trial, a significant amount of sponsor time is spent on site inspections to ensure all elements of patient safety, clinical data accuracy, and investigational protocol adherence. Digital records make preparing for inspections less time-consuming and potentially reduce the amount of time inspectors are on site. Work with your team to calculate end-benefits and incorporate eReg’s effect on CRA visit preparation as an element of study applications. 

Sponsors are shifting how they support clinical trials to better align with their goals of efficiency, effectiveness, and regulatory compliance. Understanding how your site provides financial benefits for sponsors empowers you to  clearly convey ROI and increase revenue.

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