How to Leverage Data to Maximize Sponsor Support

How to Leverage Data to Maximize Sponsor Support

Data is an invaluable tool in the clinical trial toolbox—especially when it comes to managing sponsors. Accurate and current data demonstrates to potential and current sponsors that your organization is capable of effectively organizing, running and analyzing a successful trial—and delivering the results they need. 

Only half of US clinical trial outfits actually use a CTMS and it’s likely that less than 5% of sites track and maintain timing and performance metrics. It’s clear that sites that are able to provide visualized data on both current and past trials are at a distinct advantage. A lack of statistics equals uncertainty, and sponsors likely will choose sites that back promises of future performance with evidence that they’ve performed in the past.  

Keeping Your Trial Data Up-to-date and Accurate

Metrics that show your current site performance help your sponsor determine capabilities and a track record of success.  You can harness this data through CTMS to create a baseline for standard performance, demonstrate improvement over time, and create benchmarks by which to gauge future performance. 

These metrics include, but are not limited to:

  • Trials completed
  • Patients available, screened, enrolled, completed, failed screening and dropped out
  • Screening, enrollment and retention rates
  • Percentage of contracts met
  • Current studies in indication
  • Past performance by sponsor/CRO
  • Patients screened, enrolled, completed, screen-failed, early term (number or %)

Staying Ahead of Clinical Trial Competition

A site that presents data indicating greater efficiency and less downtime offers an additional  advantage to sponsors. Here are some timing-related figures that can be garnered through CTMS for which sponsors look:

  • Cycle times: CDAs, feasibility, contracts, budgets, etc.
  • Feasibility turnaround time
  • Regulatory packet turnaround time
  • Time from initial budget to contract execution
  • Days spent at different stages of the process
  • Time from site activation to commencement of screening
  • Site activation to screening

Capturing, analyzing, and understanding trial data should be a top priority for site managers. Sponsors rely upon these figures when determining which clinical trial site is deserving of an award.

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