Defining the Sponsor Relationship in Clinical Trial Research

Learn how the right clinical research trial software can open doors and enhance your status with a site’s most critical audience – sponsors.

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Who Are Clinical Trial Sponsors and Why Are They Important?

Clinical trial sponsors are companies, institutions, or other organizations that initiative, oversee, and/or pay for a clinical trial. All data that’s collected and analyzed for that trial gets submitted to the sponsor so they can move forward with getting the treatment to the next step in the approval process. Sponsors play a critical role in clinical trial studies as they typically select and fund research sites, often dictating how a study must be conducted and tracked.

What Are Sponsor Responsibilities in a Clinical Research Trial?

  • Selecting the trial research partner – Sponsors select research trial partners, including clinical research sites, based on the needs of each individual trial, the site’s track record for recruitment and execution success, and other factors such as a site’s location, study area expertise, and access to specific patient demographics.
  • Providing information necessary to conduct the trial – Clinical trial sponsors ensure that a site has the appropriate protocol to run a successful trial. They also dictate how the trial should be run and how reimbursements are calculated.
  • Monitoring the clinical study – Clinical trial monitoring is often done in partnership between the sponsor and site teams to ensure all data is accurately tracked, recorded, and evaluated.

What Are the Clinical Trial Site’s Responsibilities?

  • Recruiting and managing trial patients – A main focus for any successful clinical trial site is how they recruit and retain patients. Ensuring a strong pipeline of available patients and understanding the best ways to attract recruits is critical.
  • Ensuring compliance throughout all facets of the trial – Clinical research sites are responsible for running each trial in line with sponsor and government regulations that ensure safety and effectiveness of the work.
  • Maintaining comprehensive trial data and providing reports – Sites must have access to all trial data so they can provide reporting for sponsors, auditors, and other regulatory bodies.
  • Providing best-in-class CTMS and eClinical capabilities – Clinical Trial Management Software and eClinical solutions help a site better manage every trial, ensuring success for their sponsor, patients, and future users of the treatment that is being studied

Why is the Sponsor / Clinical Trial Site Relationship Important?

The importance of the sponsor/clinical trial site relationship cannot be understated. This essential partnership drives trial success throughout the globe and, when managed proactively, is critical to ensuring patient safety, healthcare innovation, and market growth. While the sponsor and research site responsibilities differ, they are closely aligned in terms of a trial’s ultimate goal.

Selecting the Right CTMS and eClinical Solutions to Maximize Sponsor Relations & Opportunities

Finding the right CTMS and eClinical solution can be a rigorous process in and of itself. But a well-integrated system can make all the difference in sponsor relations and award opportunities for sites. Clinical research leaders need to carefully evaluate their business and anticipate what practices will positively impact their sponsor relations and opportunities now, and down the road. Effective digital management is critical for today’s sites that want to both improve outcomes and realize increased revenue.

Highlighting your sites CTMS, eReg, eSource, and eConsent capabilities can improve your business metrics exponentially. If you need help advancing your site’s preparedness, request a demo of our CTMS and eClinical solutions.

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