Track everything related to your patients from admission to check-out in real time.

To ease the purchasing process, Day-of-Care is listed on SEWP and NIH-CIO.

Day-of-Care can be found in the VHA TRM listings.


Patient Tracking

Seamlessly track every bit of information related to each patient’s visit.

  • Monitor every stage each patient is currently in
  • Ensure the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency
  • Track patients for every department including the OR
  • Determine root causes of any delays and easily correct

Procedure Tracking

Clear insights into how every procedure is conducted at your organization!

  • Track scheduled start times vs. actual start times
  • Record procedure times for every procedure conducted
  • Track the procedure times for each physician
  • Use data to improve procedure quality and enhance scheduling

Resource Allocation

Past and current data combines to always have the right amount of people, resources and time for every procedure.

  • Use past data to ensure goods and personnel are scheduled for every procedure
  • Past data can be used to create more efficient scheduling
  • Easily make adjustments according to current demand

Alerts & Notifications

Stay alerted to any changes or anything else related to your patients.

  • Receive updates on patient movement
  • Receive real-time alerts to changes
  • Displays configured to accommodate the needs of each area including materials handling, admissions, recovery, family waiting rooms and scheduling
  • Automatic text messages to alert family members of the patient's status

Reporting & Metrics

Look back on your performance and enhance your standard of care

  • Fast easy-to-use reports
  • Turn your data into actionable information