You’re Growing, But Can Your CTMS Keep Up?

As an organization conducting or managing clinical trials, expanding to generate more business is always a primary objective. This expansion can come in a variety of forms, including the addition of extra staff, studies or locations, as well as, new therapies or technologies. When selecting a CTMS it is critical to keep these items in mind and ensure that the chosen CTMS can manage growth in these key areas.

User Growth

While the number of staff needed may increase within a research organization, the budget allocated for software like a CTMS may not increase in parallel. It is critical to ensure that as your staff grows, a CTMS can accommodate that growth without adding additional cost to your bottom line. A number of CTMS providers will charge for each additional user of a system; as organizations grow, this can become a costly proposition.

Study Growth

Your CTMS needs to accommodate a growth in the number of studies your organization is conducting. It is important to consider how a particular CTMS provider prices the application. In order to ensure that the system is valuable to both small and large research organizations, it is important to find a provider that prices based on the number studies, not on the number of users. Both small and large research organizations can benefit from this model because as they grow, they are only paying for an increase in studies and not in personnel, which could be substantially more expensive.

Location Growth

Oftentimes research organizations see growth in the number of locations within the organization. It is important for a CTMS to be able to accommodate research that is spread across multiple locations, either via multiple instances that can communicate with one another, or single instances set-up to be used at several locations.

Therapeutic Growth

Just because a research organization focuses on a few therapeutic areas now doesn’t mean that they won’t be expanding into other therapies in the future. While many CTMS applications will work for a variety of therapeutic areas it is important to make sure that the CTMS is not too specialized and will hold you back from growing and expanding.

Technology Growth

As organizations grow, so do the number and types of clinical technologies that are used in the trial process. In order to get the most out of these systems, it is sometimes important to integrate them with your CTMS. Keep in mind a CTMS application’s flexibility, and know if it would be able to integrate with EDC, EMR or other healthcare technologies you may already use or may adopt in the future.

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