Why Having an EDC and CTMS Standalone Just Isn’t Enough

If you have a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system, then you’re closer to being on the leading edge of clinical research than most organizations. If you really want to take your research management systems to the next level, then your CTMS and EDC should be integrated. By integrating these systems, you can use your CTMS and EDC for their intended purposes, but can still ensure that overlapping data is reported correctly in both systems, saving time and reducing the opportunity for errors. Here are a few reasons why you need to make sure your CTMS and EDC can effectively be integrated:

Reduce Your Redundant Data Entry

Since both systems have overlapping data, integrating your CTMS and EDC will save you and your team hours of entering the same data into two separate systems. For most organizations, reducing redundant data entry is a common inefficiency. Ensuring your CTMS and EDC are linked will make this issue a thing of the past!

Sync Your Data in Real Time

With an EDC-CTMS integration, there are many types of trial data either being synced in real time or transmitted to one system after being entered in the other. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Some items constantly syncing:

  • Protocol information
  • Study attributes
  • Patient information
  • eCRFs
  • Much more!

Items transmitted in real time:

  • Protocol revisions
  • Adverse events
  • Monitor events
  • Completed visits
  • More

This constant communication by integrated CTMS and EDC application ensures all parties are operating off of the most current information.

Decrease Risk for Reporting Errors

By having a CTMS and EDC that are not integrated, you maintain a risk for reporting errors that was similar to when you were using traditional reporting methods. Separate systems leave the risk for inaccurate or incorrect reporting to occur, and you and your team are still at risk for operating off of outdated patient, protocol or visit information.

The solution is simple – see how you can get your CTMS and EDC talking and take your clinical research quality to the next level!

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