Using CTMS to Manage Your Study Supplies with Materials Management

Most people equate a CTMS with managing certain data related to a clinical study. While a data focus is the major functional component, a CTMS can also help you manage your inventory of clinical research supplies integral to your studies. This inventory tracking also provides your organization with valuable analytics on your use of supplies, which allows you to better manage your costs. Here are a few things CTMS materials management functionality can do for you.

Set & Determine Inventory Needs

Materials required for visits and procedures are laid out in the study protocol. You and your team can break down what’s needed and enter it into a CTMS on a per visit, per patient or per study basis. This is a great step to take before starting the trial because it can allow you manage incoming and outgoing inventory throughout the trial.

Track & Log Your Inventory Use

You can use your CTMS materials management functionality to log inventory used throughout the study. What’s more, you can even set how the materials were used (consumed, destroyed, etc.) This gives you additional visibility on how each team member us using your inventory. What’s more, incoming items can be entered with separate batch numbers for further tracking analysis.

Track Your Materials Management Efficiency

By tracking your inventory in your CTMS, you can easily identify ways to improve your process. For example, you could notice that employees have a higher-than-desired likelihood to misuse or break certain items, or that you are ordering inventory too far ahead or too late in the study timeline.

See Our CTMS In Action

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