Understanding the Benefits of eConsent

It’s critical for clinical research leadership to understand how an eConsent platform can support their team’s work so they can determine the best way to implement this game-changing eClinical solution. Deploying digital consent capabilities in your clinical trial site has clear benefits for business, staff and patients. The right eConsent software can help a clinical research site:

  • Improve Compliance – eConsent ensures that subjects are presented with the most recent IRB approved version and staff is notified when re-consents are necessary. All signed consent documents are stored electronically which empowers sites to have immediate access to accurate records at all times. 
  • Keep Subjects Engaged – Digital consent documents are, by definition, more dynamic than static paper versions. This allows sites to highlight key areas of attention, provide definitions or more details on trial information, and leverage video and audio content to supplement the consent process. This increases patient understanding, more deeply engages subjects and maximizes trial retention for better outcomes.  
  • Stay Audit Ready – eConsent enables enforcement of document initials, signatures, checkboxes which, when coupled with automatic date and time stamps, ensures all trial materials are ready for audits. eConsent also allows for better remote access so monitors can complete audits from anywhere. 
  • Improve Quality – Increasing efficacy and data quality are two of the more important reasons to implement eConsent. Digital consent helps standardize the consent process, automates versioning, and reduces ICF entry errors. With embedded HIPAA and other authorization forms, eConsent also enables better quality in FDA compliance and documentation. 

Deploying digital consent capabilities in your clinical trial site has clear benefits for your business – protocol adherence, data integrity, patient engagement, sponsor alignment, and staff efficiencies among them. Check out our latest webinar, “How eConsent Improves the Patient Experience” to learn more and see our eConsent application in action.

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